Art Star Craft Bazaar Recap

Art Star Craft Bazaar is done, but it really feels like a beginning. Not only did I have a fabulous time, it was also a huge success. I exceeded my sales goal, ran out of business cards, and found a couple new places to consign my dresses. I also perused the booths of some amazing artists and crafters and was able to spend the weekend hanging out with my youngest sister who traveled here all the way from LA to help me out. Thanks!!

As much as I would like to pretend that I get to take a little vacation now, there is even more to do since I can no longer use the excuse of having to sew every minute for the show. The house is in total disarray, having been left in the middle of switching rooms around for The Dad's move to working at home.

First, though, I need to buy some more fabric. My stock is low and my shop needs to be restocked. I'm wondering if it's possible to list a new Reversible Roundabout each week for the next month or so...

Hmmm... I'm thinking Sock Monkeys. And little birds in cages. Some fun retro kids...

Stay tuned!


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  2. Hello! We met at the Art Star Craft Bazaar where I purchased the wonderful kite (and reversible balloon) patterned dress for my 8 month old daughter, Michal. Everyone I've showed the dress to loves the playful pattern.

    Thanks for the great quality and versatility. We will check your shop frequently for new items!

  3. Hi- its Becky, we met at Ezra's birthday party- I did see you at Art Star, which is why your dresses seemed so familiar to me! Your dresses are great.

  4. great meeting you at art star!!