The Nursery School Graduation Dress

E graduated from nursery school today. I whipped up this little 'pillowcase dress' for the occasion. With matching head scarf.
One of my fastest projects yet. Out of some hoarded Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics. I love how it turned out and hope to make a couple more for the summer.

To save time, I used store-bought bias tape for the arm holes. I would actually like to make my own next time. I even have a little bias-tape-maker. Opened, but yet to be used. Oh the possibilities.
As I tried it on her along the way to check measurements (let me just see how long the ribbon should be... Here, now try it on and let me see how long the hem should be...), O asked when his pants would be finished... The pants that haven't been started yet... Oh... I did say that once I finished the craft show I would start on their summer wardrobes, right? Time to get to work!

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