January Goal #1

There are some big home improvement plans going on around here right now.  With a big push to finish them all over the next 6 months - the goal being that everything is done by the time the kids get out of school so we can just enjoy the summer without any of that hanging over our heads.

As I type, I listen to the now-less-disconcerting sound of the roofers up above.  Doing a total tear-off and installation of a new roof plus with skylights.  After the first one went in in the den, The Dad stopped for a moment and said "Really, why shouldn't we put in two (instead of one) in the office."  They really are a bit transforming...

But for January, taking no active role in the roofwork myself, my goal #1 is our bedroom re-do.  We replaced all of the windows longer ago than I can count, yet they still haven't been sanded and finished.  We installed built in bookcases even longer ago than that... Yet they still sit unfinished as well.

So, the sanding is done.  The wiping down comes next.  Then priming the whole room in prep for painting.  Oh yeah, we still have to pick just which green we want, too.  I keep coming back to this one but it may turn out just a bit too dark.  We'll decide this weekend and start splashing the color on next week.  There's also a plan for a photo wall...  And did I mention that one of the things needing to be painted in there is a fireplace?  With a detailed wood mantle?  Yes, let's hope the learning curve for painting woodwork isn't that steep...

Belated Happy New Year

We had such a nice break.  This was the first winter break in a long time that we didn't travel, and it was just so much simpler.  Some good hikes, a couple field trips, lots of time just playing at home, and the most perfect Christmas morning.  Simple.  The goal and the word that just keeps coming to mind.

And now somehow it is already January 9th, 2012.  2012!

 December was good.  And, looking back at that list of goals, pretty successful.  I cleared a bunch of extraneous crap stuff out of the house. Not all of it yet, but it just feels so much cleaner already.  The 100% plant-based diet kind of flew out the window mid-month, but it did make a big difference in how I felt so I haven't given up on that.  It may not be sustainable, but it is worth the effort.

I did sew a present or two for each of the kids.  Ollie's sheep pajamas and a Shirley (giant sheep) stuffed animal/cushion that is actually with him in school today for 'S' Share Day.  I made Ella a little bedding set for her doll bed and got most of the way through a silk velvet-y skirt (with one for her doll to match) before we realized that I had made the waistband too small.  That one needs to be revisited and finally finished.

And eieio?  Besides a couple custom orders last month I haven't even touched it.  But I've thought a lot about it and am getting ready to move forward again.  The first thing I need to do is some kind of lighting setup.  Soon...

And the goals for January?  They are already in full swing.  The house is getting picked up and cleaned on a more regular (even daily!) basis and I am getting ready to go downstairs to empty out my bedroom in preparation for painting.  There's more that I'll put into a list before the month is over.  I promise.