Small Felt Crayon Roll

I've seen these crayon rolls floating around the web, mostly fabric ones in various Etsy sites. 
A friend showed me a felt one the other day that looked even easier. 
So after some hmming and hawing procrastination, I tried making one this weekend for a 4-year old's birthday. 

It still needs some tweaking, but I like it!  And really, pretty easy. 
I'd still like to try a fabric one, too.  Hopefully in time for Christmas.
Santa's workshop (also know as my studio) opens this week.  My shopping is done and now it's time for a little handmade mama love...

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for all of the things I don't have to worry about.
Because as much as I do worry, there is so much I often take for granted.

Have a fabulous and thankful Thanksgiving.

Adding Some Color of Our Own

That first painting job referenced back here is finally done.  And really?  It was fun!  A few facing pieces to shellac and install and then I'll get some pictures up of the final product.  Of course, with the caveat that our bedroom mantle also has to be cleaned of for a prettier shot...  So it may take a little bit longer...

I love this bright blue.  "Utah Sky", it is called.  My first use of Benjamin Moore's Aura paint and I am sold.  Great coverage and little to no odor.  Can't beat that!  We'll definitely use it again.

Looking for Color

I feel like my last few posts have been filled with browns and grays.  While it has been unseasonably warm here, it is the middle of November and the light has been dimmer and shorter.  So - a little color to brighten your mid-November day.



The Nature Table Revisited

Our nature table is pretty full these days, though not at all as I expected it to be.  I don't know why I thought it might look like this.  Or this.  Ours is definitely more reflective if my children's personalities.  The table is scattered with leaves, pinecones, acorns, and cicada shells (with a couple dead cicada among them) from outside.  Intermingling with some berry containers from the farmers market, two 'toad abodes' E made at her sleepover at the zoo, and a random slinky.

While not how I pictured it, the kids have taken ownership and are using it as I had hoped.  As in, "Look at this leaf!  I want to put it on the nature table!"  Located on a radiator cover on our enclosed porch, it also serves as a nice transitional space from outside to in.  "That can't come inside...  but you can put it on the nature table!"

It's all about the process, right?

Flea Market Find

In another life, or maybe in another year, I would love to frequent some local (or at least not too far away) flea market.  Regularly.  Even every weekend.  With coffee in hand.

This past weekend, on a very short trip to my parents', I joined them at their local flea market.  The one they frequent every Sunday.

And I found this.
This funky 1950s chrome child's rocker.
It spoke to me.
And I brought it home.


After a month of battling cold after cold, fever has finally entered our house.

My poor girl who has always been so healthy is today missing her 4th day of school in 7 weeks and her first fieldtrip on a big yellow school bus.

I see lots of popsicles, books, and movies in our day today.  And lots of continued viewing of some roof repair.  Conveniently located right outside of our den window.

An Update on The Yelling

I didn't yell today.
In fact, I haven't yelled since I read this article and wrote this post.
And you know what?
It feels really good.