The Buzz Cut

With the approach of summer, comes O's first 'buzz cut'. Honestly, I tired of dropping $20 a pop each time at the local children's 'hair salon'. So instead, I dropped $10 at Target and decided to try it myself.

Hair cutting with clippers, for me anyways, has a very. big. learning curve.

I am an instructions reader. I had the booklet in front of me as I prepared to cut. I had the length-gauge-guide-thingy on the clippers. I took the guide off to oil the blades as instructed. And then I started to cut. Without putting the guide back on. Yup, clippers to scalp. Ummm, whoops.

Luckily, his hair grows very quickly.

E sprinkled the clumps of hair around the yard for the birds to collect and add to their nests. It's all about recycling, right?

Will I do it again? Probably. But I think I'll leave it a little longer.
Without the bald patch.

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