I've started running. Before today, I would have more called it walk/running but today I feel like I can actually call what I am doing 'running'. And I feel like the more people I tell, the more I will be held accountable and the more likely I am to follow through with it. So I'm saying it here!

I have never been a runner. Even in elementary school, when we did laps around the gym? I walked as much as I ran. Organized sports? I usually played defense, partly so I didn't have to chase anyone. But I've always loved the idea of it. And I am really enjoying it so far.

I am fortunate to live near the largest urban park in the world. Why run on sidewalk and pavement when you can run on Forbidden Drive, along the Wissahickon Creek, in what feels like the middle of the woods? It is a beautiful way to start the day.

I'm following the Couch to 5K program and trying to choose a 5K to run in a couple months. The colorful ones (Color Me Rad, The Color Run) look really fun and laid back but I don't know how I feel about inhaling the gallons of colored cornstarch they bomb you with. The coolest one I've seen so far?  The Zombie Run. Unfortunately there's no way in hell I'm going to be ready for that in three weeks. Maybe next year...

All Kinds Of Awesomeness Around Here

As Ella is getting ready to turn 9, I see this shift happening.  To 'Tween'ness.  And sometimes it makes me sad. There are still moments of unbridled awesomeness around here, though, to be found and cultivated.
Following the extra-loud, nasally honkytonk singing through the house to the kitchen the other day, I found this:

And instead of telling her to get off the table, I laughed and told her I loved her.  And listened to her sing her crazy song about when she is an old woman, Playing the guitar cutting board that usually hangs on the kitchen wall...

Happy March - and the Tea Party Doll Dress

Somehow I've stopped carrying my camera around with me over the last couple months. And while I enjoy being in the moment a bit more and not behind the lens, I feel like I'm missing something. So I'm signing up for a photography class to see if I can do something about that. And paying for a photography class? Means I need to get back in the studio! Which I have also been neglecting since I finished the Waldorf Fair last November. What? It's March already? Okay, I'm ready for Spring. And clear skies, warm weather, and that feel of new beginnings.

I did at least get in the studio for long enough to sew a doll dress. Which of course then led to Ella asking for a matching one for her. In a different print - which means I need to make another doll one. They actually come together very easily. I love the way it flairs out a bit at the bottom.

  I'm going to make a muslin first to make sure Ella's fits before I go through making the whole thing. Ella is definitely not an off-the-rack size and is picky about how things fit - this girl who always wanted to wear twirly skirts and dresses now won't wear anything too 'baggy'. The doll dress was from Liesl Gibson's Little Things to Sew. She has a somewhat similar pattern out for girls - the Seashore Dress. With a similar line and pockets.  It's currently spread all over my studio floor for tracing. Now if I can just get it done in time for Easter...