Summer Camp

For the last week and a half, I have been 'TeacherMama', as E has dubbed me. I have been co-running a camp at E (and now O's) nursery school. A camp for 3-5 year olds. Up to 24 of them. And 2-3 rotating co-oping parents at a time.
Our day begins at 730am when my kids and I head out the door for the 40 minute walk to the school.

The camp day runs from 845am to 1pm. And then we clean up and walk home again. Usually with O falling asleep about two blocks in.
I had forgotten how much I love working with kids. And their parents. The individual interactions, the group process, the planning and preparing and problem solving.

I go to bed exhausted and wake up still weary, but the walk energizes me. And by the time I reach the woods (the last couple minutes of the walk to school are through the woods - how cool is that?!!) I am ready.
So I haven't been on the computer much lately. And haven't been sewing at all. But boy are we having fun. And boy is my reservoir being refilled.

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