On the Farm

This is our first weekend in way too long with nothing really planned.  Life got a little crazy around here for a while.  Now, though, things are slowing down - just in time for summer.

We returned to Maple Acres this morning for some strawberry picking.  While we were really just in the suburbs, the space felt a little more remote once we got past the farmstand and headed toward the barns.

The smell, though, got better as we moved away from the barns and back toward the strawberries.

There's just something about dirt roads and kids in bright colors.  Makes me want to take a trip and spend the summer like this.  If only The Dad got summer vacation, too...

Art Star Recap

Sorry I'm a week behind.  This week that has disappeared since the Art Star Craft Bazaar has been filled with a birthday, a birthday party, a school field trip, and some general family recovery time.
The show was fabulous.  
A bit windy, but clear blue skies and perfect temperatures.
Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't great inside my tent...
Now, back to work.  Keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine so I can get some photos for a shop update!

Packing Up: Art Star This Weekend!

Tonight I'm packing up for the Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn's Landing this weekend.

Dresses, Bibs, Baby Blankets, Lunchbox Napkins, and a whole rack of Clearance items.

Sunshine, Live Music, and an amazing array of vendors.

I can't wait!  Stop by Booth #4 and say Hi if you make it out.
Up by the food and the Chestnut St. Entrance.
Guaranteed to be a fabulous time.

Now, I'm back to ironing and tagging and folding and packing.

Belated May Day

O's nursery school had it's May Day celebration on Tuesday.

Complete with handmade flower crowns, lots of little kids in white, and a maypole festooned with ribbons.

I realized as the kids were circling that each ribbon had a popsicle stick attached to the end of it.  Brilliant in helping them hold on and keeping the ribbon from slipping out of their hands.  Even cooler, at the end of the celebration, each child was told to 'plant' their ribbon.  They stuck the popsicle sticks into the ground all around the pole, leaving the ribbons splayed out and anchored.



Today I am thankful for:
A Red Cast
And that he landed on his arm instead of his head.