Once Upon A Time

Slowly... Very Slowly... I am getting the kids' rooms put back together. We separated them a little over a month ago when The Dad moved into the 'home office' to work fulltime. Eliminated the playroom and moved the kids into their own rooms, adding their toys to their sleepspace which fortunately has worked out so far.

So, back before we actually moved them, I began picturing the room redo(s). I picked up these wooden letters for E's room. I actually bought them once, back when we lived in Minneapolis, to do the kids' names but returned them after a little more thought.

I knew I wanted to use them, but wasn't sure how. And then began to thin of a storybook theme-y thing for E's room. Ahhh... I knew what I wanted.

Today, I finally got them up on her wall.
We've got some fabulous arches in the architecture of our house.

The canopy is not permanent. We've been experimenting with it a bit. I think that in the end we may actually move it outside, though E is insistent that it go over her bed. We'll see.

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