Purchases Made and Planned

I made two Etsy purchases in the last 24 hours and can't wait to have them in my hands. I've been eyeing both for what seems like forever:
First, the Pirate Cupcake shirt from Dogbone Art.
And a matching apron for co-oping at O's pre-school in the fall.

Then, one of the By Order of the Management prints from John W Golden. He's got a whole series of these signs, some of which have been featured in the Land of Nod catalog. This one will be perfect on the wall in O's new room.
We have also been shopping for a new 'grown up' couch forever. Our first really nice furniture purchase ever. We've had our eye on a great leather one from Room and Board that I, unfortunately, cannot copy and paste a picture of. But I think it's the one we're going with so will hopefully have pictures of it (in the new den) in a couple weeks! We drooled (and still do) over a lot of R and B furniture while we lived in Minneapolis but had neither the money nor the space. Now that we have a little bit more of both, we're ready to take the plunge.

The Dad even went to the Flagship store while he was out there a couple weeks ago to 'test-sit' their sofas since he seems to be incredibly particular about how it should feel when he sits down (and lies down - since he insists it be a fabulous nap-couch as well).

We do not take spending decisions lightly around here and have gone as far as taping out the footprint of the said couch on our den floor to make sure it will fit comfortably in the room!

It's okay, you can laugh at us. It's funny, we haven't even measured the doorway or stairwell to see if we can get it up there (the den is now on the 3rd floor of our narrow house) but we know it will sit well in the room!

We are planners, to varying degrees. But it suits us and has served us very well!

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