30 Days of Summer :: Day 23 :: My 100th Post and a Little Back To School Giveaway

To Celebrate my 100th Post here on Teaparties and Playdates, I'm offering a little Back to School Giveaway.
Included in the giveaway are:
  • A Funky Monkey Lunchbox Napkin
  • A Sock Monkey deck of cards (in cool metal tin)
  • A fun monkey pencil
  • 3 organic Yummy Earth lollipops
 We've been doing a lot around here to get ready for school (less than three weeks away now!) - counting down with a paper chain, preparing Schultuten for the first day, buying uniforms, stocking up on pencils (and our first electric pencil sharpener!) and other school supplies, and talking constantly about what it will be like to be in Kindergarten, so:
To enter, just leave a note in the comments letting me know either
  1. Something you are doing or have done to prepare a child for the start of school or
  2. Something you remember doing when you were a kid to get ready for the first day of school
Leave the note by bedtime Sunday evening (say, 10pm EST) and I'll use the handy Random Number Generator to pick a winner.  Then just check back here Monday to see if you won.
Thanks for Playing!!


  1. Bring on the monkeys!!

  2. i remember back to school shopping- new pencils, binders- doing bookcovers & later years- locker decoration!

  3. This year's getting ready for school list; buy school supplies and backpack (check), buy clothes (check), meet teacher (check), learn to ride bike w/out training wheels (check!!!), win fabulous funky monkey lunchbox napkin (check??), and learn to tie shoes.
    I said, learn to tie shoes.
    Guess we'll check that off another day. Soon.

  4. Great Giveaway! My son has worn the sock monkey pajamas for the last two years. He would love a sock monkey napkin to tuck in his lunch box for school. Thanks!

  5. Every year on the first day of school we take a picture of our son standing in front of his school. This year we are homeschooling, so I guess we will be taking his picture in front of our house!

  6. we just had a visit from the "backpack fairy" who brought some snazzy new sneakers! You gotta believe...

  7. My daughter just picked out her first Duluth Pack for pre-school. I remember getting a new one every few years as a kid and it was always exciting.

  8. I'm on the other side, getting two classrooms ready for back to Sunday school. Thanks for keeping me posted on what you are doing.