30 Days of Summer :: Day 18

I think that one of the (if not the) things I love about reading blogs is the pictures. A little peek into the corners of people's lives. I love taking photos, but have felt pretty restricted. Outside, park, farm, yard, of course... But someone else's house? Or mine when other people are watching? The coffee shop? A local restaurant? Then I hesitate.

I have begun carrying my camera everywhere. I received a point-and-shoot for Mother's Day which has made it easier. Before that, we only had the digital SLR, which I love, but which is a whole 'nother bag in itself to carry which makes it difficult with my regular bag on my shoulder and a child on each hand.

I have taken it to dinner parties and chickened out, failing to capture a beautiful spread on the table or that perfect kitchen shot. "I have a blog," I could say in explanation - "Yeah, one that not very many people read, but that I try to post beautiful pictures on... " Not sure how that would go over.

But today, today I felt a little braver.

I took the kids to this fabulous local restaurant. Set in an old flower shop greenhouse. The food was beautiful - brioche french toast with strawberries and vanilla peach butter. My camera stayed in my bag.

Then we watched through the window as a young guy began unloading the flower truck (the florist is still located in the building). He walked down a hallway that we could see through the open doorway next to our table. Carrying armfuls of beautiful bouquets. Buckets of roses. My camera still stayed in my bag.

We oohhed and aahhhed over the different colors. We admired the great big blooms. He smiled at the kids. And then, on his way back to the truck for more, he came over to our table with this lone flower. He handed it to E. "This one broke off", he said.

I pulled out my camera. Turned off my flash. Hoped that nobody noticed or cared. And snapped a picture.

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  1. And, you are such a good photographer! Keep taking those pictures! Your readers appreciate them! ;o)