30 Days of Summer :: Day 20

I had the good fortune this weekend of being able to hang out in a coffee shop for a bit all by myself.

A great iced mocha, a good book (that makes me feel like a much better mom in comparison), and an amazing almond croissant.

I have picked up numerous habits and lessons from my husband over the last decade. One of my favorites being how to order in a restaurant when you're not really sure what you want.

I eyed the bakery case - scone? chocolate croissant? It all looked good, although I wasn't sure what everything was.

So I asked, "Is there one thing in there that is better than everything else?"

"The almond croissant is amazing."

"I'll take it."

And it was.

Sometimes, the waitress or counter staff isn't quite so opinionated. Or accommodating. Maybe they are worried about admitting that some items just aren't as good. They'll give me the "Oh, everything here is good." That doesn't really help.

But most of the time, when they do recommend something, they are spot on. And I greatly appreciate it.

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