30 Days of Summer :: Day 16 :: Camping With the Kids

We finally made it out for our first camping trip of the season. And it was... mostly fun and interesting.

I got a little scared when I climbed into the tent for the first time and had flashbacks to previous trips where no one slept and babies nursed all. night. long.

This trip, bedtime went smoothly (albeit late, after a struggling fire and dinner in the dark) and everyone was happy enough in the morning to get in a good hike. As much as the kids complain about being tired, wanting to be carried, scraped hands from falling, and wet socks from stepping (purposefully) into mud and puddles, they love being in the woods.
E collected treasures along the way - red leaves, sticks, rocks, and a toad (that one got away), brought them back to the campsite, and took pictures of them before we left. I had to pry the camera out of her hands. We may be in trouble.

O even squeezed in a little pretend play as we packed up. Digging a dirty, unmelted marshmallow out of the fire circle and pretending to roast it.
I love it.
Monkey see, monkey do, right?

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