30 Days of Summer :: Day 7

Countdown to Kindergarten
To help E's transition to Kindergarten, and in an attempt to allay the somewhat daily, sometimes anxious, sometimes impatient question of "Mom, when does Kindergarten start?", she and I sat down last weekend and made a long paper chain that counts down to the first day of Kindergarten.

Some links are blank. Some simply have the day of the week on them. Some have special events such as 'Camp', 'Kindergarten Mixer at the Please Touch Museum', and 'Out for Breakfast'. None of them have a number on them.
Less than a week into it, it has become her routine to tear off a link before she even comes out of her room in the morning. At lunch today, I remembered - "Oh, E, do you want to go tear your link off for today?" "Oh, mom, I already did it!"

The (surprisingly) long chain is a good reminder to both of us that there are still many, many days of summer left to enjoy.

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