30 Days of Summer :: Day 14

We've really discovered board games this summer.

A new favorite, as E is mastering the roll and move, is Race to the Roof by Ravensburger.

O is still a bit too young for it. We team up against E, with him rolling and drawing cards and me moving the piece (and keeping track of where it was when he decides to take it somewhere else for a bit).

His favorite is Eeboo's Storefront Bingo, the first that all four of us can sit down and play together all the way through. We've learned that the 'helping' way of playing makes the game go a little more quickly - if you draw a card that belongs in someone else's shop, you give it to them and the next person goes. Otherwise, the game can drag on a little too long for a 3 year old (or a 33 year old).

For something a little more 3D, they also both love Balancing on the Moon, something I picked up at a garage sale last year that I was happy to see for sale in the new Magic Cabin catalog this week.

We've had a lot of rainy days here this summer and the games have gotten a lot of use. It's so much fun to watch them develop new skills - things as simple rolling a die and knowing what the number is without having to count - like learning sight words - or even just taking turns. These little things we take for granted that have to be learned somewhere...

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