When One Door Closes Another One Opens

Sadly last month, during (but not related to) all of the CPSIA hullabaloo, the Maternal Wellness Center announced that they would be closing their retail shop. One more small business that has been hit by the country's economic downturn (is that a euphamism?), they were the first place I sold my handmade children's clothing.

The place where I had that 'aha! moment' and saw that people actually liked what I was making - and would buy it!

While I have been trying to establish more of a presence with my Etsy shop, I really enjoyed having a spot to sell my work locally. I loved that folks I'd never met before would come up to me at a craft show and say "Hey! I've seen your work before. We give your dresses as baby presents!"

So, knowing they were closing and exploring other options, I stopped into Artista Gallery to put out some feelers. I dropped off a dress last week and received a phone call yesterday after their review meeting. "We love your work! We're sending you a contract. Drop off some pieces whenever you can."

This is such a different venue than the Maternal Wellness Center. More of a 'living gallery', it has work by many different artists in many different mediums (I'm coveting the elevator button cufflinks for The Dad) and I am very fortunate and excited to be included.

They will be part of Mt. Airy's First Friday tomorrow evening. If you are in the area, stop in and check it out!

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