I Missed A Meeting This Morning

I was supposed to be part of a meeting this morning right after I dropped my daughter off at school. A meeting to plan an event next week. The meeting was at school. I didn't even need to go anywhere else for it. And yet, 20 minutes after the meeting started, I found myself across town in the parking lot of the children's museum pulling some papers out of my purse before O and I went in. I glanced down. Nursery School Valentine's Tea... Oh. No. I had missed my meeting.

Before I had children, I had some version or another of a palm pilot. I took it everywhere with me. I consulted it constantly. My time was scheduled down to the half hour, sometimes to the 15 minutes.

And then E was born and I stopped working. I continued to use my palm pilot but it was kind of a joke. Really? Mom's group once a week? A Dr.'s appointment every couple of months? One more thing to carry in the diaper bag? I tossed it aside and never went back.

For 2008 we had a calendar hanging in our kitchen. It was used mostly to mark when The Dad was traveling. Shows we had tickets for. Dr.'s appointments and the occasional playdate. I consulted it somewhat regularly and it sufficed.

At the end of the year, I found this great weekly planner on Etsy. I love the art. It's simple enough for the few things I put into it. I don't consult it regularly.

That is all about to change.

Suddenly, with the kids now almost 3 and almost 5, with one in school and a very small and very slowly growing business I seem to need something again. I will start checking it every day. I will start carrying it with me. And I will not miss another meeting.

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