Bedtime Reading

Over the last couple months, I have struggled with chapter books for E. We have found some that we've loved (Winnie-the-Pooh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Toys Go Out, The Doll People) and some that we've gotten a couple pages into and stopped.

E's at that cusp where she really wants something long and engaging but is still only four two young to understand some more mature stories. The Dad and I have learned (sometimes mid-sentence) that we really like to stay away from too much sassiness, violence, and language like 'hate', 'stupid', 'gun', or anything else we don't want her repeating before she really understands it.

When I was in second grade, I picked up my mother's copy of Flowers in the Attic and actually got a good way through it before my mom realized what I was reading and it 'got lost'. There really are some things kids don't need to learn about before they're ready!

It's hard finding a book that challenges E's brightness while addressing age-appropriate issues. Fortunately, we've finally found another good one. Recommended by a nursery school parent a while ago and then rediscovered on an Amazon list of Early Chapter Books, we checked out My Father's Dragon from the library today. Written in the 40s, it has humor, talking animals, a young hero, and a simple, engaging tale of the rescue of an exploited and overworked baby dragon.

We made it to Chapter 8 tonight with E still asking for more. I'd say it's a hit.

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