The Vacation Dress/Nightgown

E has a classmate who's mother requested matching nightgowns for her girls. Before Christmas. Now, recovered from my temporary craft-show-sewing-burnout and back in the studio, I have finally whipped up a sample.

As I threaded the elastic through the neck casing, I was overwhelmed with the desire to pack up my family and head to Mexico for vacation. That's just the feel of this piece. A nice, relaxing vacation dress for somewhere warm.

E, a fan of all things twirly and averse to extra tightness (like the elastic I had planned for the sleeves), has been wearing the dress for about 24 hours now. As a dress, as a nightgown, and as a dress again. I promised I'd wash it this afternoon so she could wear it again tonight. I'm flexible, but not so flexible that I'd let her sleep in it after wearing it out and about on the train and downtown today. Too many germs... in bed... no go.

Like me, she is anxious for Spring, when she won't have to layer it over long sleeves and leggings or pajama pants.

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