The Wall

Finally completed: The Climbing Wall

Before we moved from Minneapolis, I don't know if we had even found our new house yet, The Dad made a trip to Nicros for their annual clearance sale. He had heard that they sold imperfect climbing holds by the pound and was determined to stock up for the wall he would some day build for the kids.

Last fall he bought the lumber and stored it in the garage. I was skeptical (and not entirely supportive) and kept reminding him that we had lots of other projects to do before one that the kids wouldn't be able to use for a couple years.

I was so wrong.

He finished the wall on Valentine's Day and I am beyond impressed. 7 1/2 feet tall and 17 feet long with a hole configuration that will allow us to easily add new handholds as we want and move around the ones that are there.

It is beyond cool. Over the winter, The Dad has been slowly working on semi-finishing the basement, converting it into a 'rec room' type space. We still have a lot to do down there, but I think that this first element is a great preview of what the room will become!

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