Celebrating Milestones

My daughter is a storyteller. A pretender. A make-believer. She is constantly changing clothes and characters. I know, when she tells me something that doesn't seem quite plausible, to ask her "Really? Is that the truth or pretend?" Lately, I have begun asking her "Is that Truth or Moonshine?"

Last week, we finished Ramona the Pest. In one of the last chapters, Ramona loses her first tooth. For a couple days now, E has been walking around pretending she has a loose tooth. When a friend came over yesterday, E said to her "I have a loose tooth!". And I added "Just for pretend. Right?"

Today when I picked her up at school, she said "Mama, want to see my loose tooth?" And she opened her mouth and showed me. Her loose tooth. No moonshine.

I almost cried.

She asked if we could have a celebration. And then she spent the rest of the day talking about how she is almost grown up because she is old enough to have a loose tooth. Mama, people will think I'm, like, eight!

So tonight, we celebrated. A yummy vanilla cake, at her request, from the beautiful cookbook Apples for Jam. And tonight I go to bed knowing that my little girl is not quite so little and wondering how long I can put off this 'growing up' thing...

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