Unexpected Rituals

It always surprises me to turn around and look at something that I've seen 50 times before and realize that it is a little ritual that has come into our lives.

This morning, as Doug left the house for work, I watched the kids clamor to pull 2 chairs over to the kitchen window. They climbed up, watching, calling for him. They waited, knowing he first needed to put on his shoes. Knowing that when they heard the click of the outside door he would be on his way. He reached the window, faced them, and jumped up and down a couple times, waving.

I watched this little routine, trying to remember the day that the jump added itself into The Dad's exit. It only took once. And then it had to happen every time. Their special good-bye.

I wonder what other rituals are evolving before my eyes. Becoming part of our routine, our expectations.

I know that every time I buckle one of the kids into their car seats, after the click, before I close the door, I lean over, kiss them, and tell them that I love them. I don't think I did it when they were infants, but I can't remember really not doing it. And actually, if I don't do it, I feel like I have forgotten something as I climb into the driver's seat.

Be aware today. Pay a little more attention. Notice those little rituals that have nestled themselves into your days without you realizing.

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