Back to Sewing

I finally got my sewing machine back last Wednesday after almost two weeks in the shop. I pretty much killed it getting ready for the craft shows and had never had it cleaned or serviced so it was due.

I am so happy to have it back - especially because E has recently outgrown most of her clothes! One of those growth spurts that sneaks up on you when you go into her closet and realize she only has about three pairs of pants left. This may work for some people, but for a girl who changes her clothes a couple times a day and a mom who does not stay on top of the laundry, we were in trouble. SO - I finally got to try out Portabello Pixie's new Ruffle Pants pattern.

E's first response was "Thanks mama! Clown pants!" They still need a little tweaking, but I'm happy with the first attempt. Now on to pair number two...

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