Monkey Bread

We had a big brunch get-together today to finally celebrate the New Year and the kids made Monkey Bread. Someone asked me where it got it's name and I have no idea, but watching the kids dive in and dip and smoosh away did resemble monkey behavior a bit - especially towards the end when E gave up the dipping of dough and started dipping her finger in the butter and sugar mix to lick clean and O just sat and picked the raisins out to eat.

This was the first time that the kids were somewhat self-sufficient in the creation. It's a very easy process if you've never made it before. All you need is bread dough (I made an oatmeal breakfast bread but even the refrigerated or frozen dough from the grocery store works well), butter (melted), sugar, and cinnamon. We also added raisins between layers of dough balls this time.

The kids break small chunks/balls off of the lump of dough, dip each piece in butter and then a sugar/cinnamon mix, and smoosh it all together in a pan. Bake at about 350 until it's done in the middle (I know there's a recipe out there that's a little more specific), let cool, turn out onto a platter, and pull apart to eat!

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