Highlights of the Week

This week things have been a little crazy.

I finished a batch of 10 dresses for Art Star.

And had my leg peed on by a little boy still working on aiming while sitting down.

I started working with Minkee again - a fabric that drives me nuts but gives me the softest blankies ever.

I sent O on his first real school fieldtrip, riding the train downtown to the American Institute of Architects to see an exhibit on 'Constructing Play' - and didn't chaperone.  A huge step for me.

And I Registered for a summer weekend of sewing with Heather Ross.  I think I'm a little starstruck, feeling like I've been e-mailing with a celebrity.  But really, a whole weekend in the mountains of Vermont?  Sewing with the designer of some of my favorite fabrics??  You can see bits and pieces here (her pattern) and here (her fabric).  Love, love, love her stuff.

And it's already the weekend again.  The creamy (camel) and polka dot blanket is for a baby shower we're going to Saturday night.  The whole 'gender neutral' dilemma.  I like the way it turned out.  And the flannel?  The new Amy Butler flannel - Let me tell you:  Not ALL flannel is created equal.  This is the softest, softest flannel I have worked with yet.  Yum.

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  1. ohh.. i'm glad you'll be going to art star again!!