The Need to Be Outside

 Things are finally warming up a bit around here.  It feels like it has been below freezing since we returned on the 4th.  The kids were getting a little stircrazy so we took a quick hour run-around at the local arboretum after school on Wednesday.

I love that even though we live in the city we are surrounded by green space.  We don't have to go very far to walk in the woods, but we've also got a fabulous arboretum close by that is perfect with kids.

When we lived in Minnesota, there was a great one about 45 minutes away.  It was affiliated with the U of M and was also a great combination of trails and free space for kids to explore.  It is so important, I think, for kids to have this opportunity on a regular basis and I was excited to find one nearby when we moved here.  (Probably not) coincidentally, this one is also affiliated with a large university.

While they don't quite know their own way around there yet, E is starting to read the signs and both kids have their favorite spots to visit.  The grounds are not huge, but large enough that the kids still seem to find something new each time we visit.  I look forward to spending more time there as the weather warms up!


  1. which arboretum is that? Love the giant birds nest!

  2. This is the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia). The birds nest is part of the new(er) Out on a Limb exhibit that we love! It's all up in the trees and so cool.