Discovering Pippi

I found out over here that there is a new edition of Pippi Longstocking out and promptly put in a request to our local library.

While picking it up, totally by coincidence, E picked out a Pippi Longstocking cartoon (that I can't find anywhere online to link to!) from 1997. Pippi's Adventures on the South Seas starring (of all people) Aileen Quinn from Annie as the voice of Pippi.

I love the look of the new book - a big chunky hardcover with a blend of drawing, cut paper, and what even looks like cut fabric. The book is illustrated by Lauren Child of Charlie and Lola fame and is worth checking out for the art alone.

E, always eager to try on new characters, is enamored. How could I not dig up some pipe cleaners to give her Pippi braids this morning! Next up from my studio (after a dress order, the matching nightgowns, and a couple silent auction items) is a Pippi dress. Blue with yellow pockets, of course. Stay tuned.

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