Crazy Weekend

We are through Part 1 of our crazy weekend. At 6:30 this morning we started setting up for a yard sale. Luckily we've learned over the years that traffic peters out after noon so it only took up the morning, running from 8am until about 1230. Not only did we clear out a ton of stuff, we also made a little money which is always a nice surprise.

Tomorrow we kick off 'Birthday Season' in our house with a little 'Cupcakes and Coffee' get-together for the The Dad (whose real birthday is Monday). His day will be followed by our Anniversary, O's Birthday, and Easter all within 5 days of eachother in April and then E's birthday in May. Then we will stop, breathe a sigh of relief and appreciation, and get ready for summer.

Because I don't have enough to do around here, (just kidding), I've joined a new local endeavor called PhillyMade - A networking group of local artists and crafters. The group has morphed out of the Philly Etsy Team and is kicking off with a new blog called Philly Makes (Philly Made was taken).

The focus of the blog is a Thing-A-Week from group members - meaning we each post one newly made item each week. There's a motivator for you. It's easy to flake out on my own blog for a little while, but this is a group of people I have yet to meet so I need to hold up my end of the bargain! You can see my first post on the County Fair Nightgowns I'm working on here.

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