Snow Day v4.0

The Dad is a much better Snow Day parent than I am.  Unfortunately, as we began what felt like our umpteenth snow day this week, he headed to the train for a day full of meetings downtown.
For me, a snow day means hot chocolate and popcorn and snuggling under a blanket with a good movie or book.
For my kids, it means (and it should mean) lots of time spent playing outside.  This also means lots of changing into and out of the necessary accoutrement that go along with that outside play.  Mittens (there are never enough dry mittens), snow pants, boots (that must be tucked into those snow pants appropriately), hats, dry socks...  You get the gist.
While I don't love playing out in the snow, I do love watching the kids do it.  And I love what they come up with on the blank canvas of our whited out yard.  Today it was 'snow beds', dug out of the foot deep snow and outfitted with 'snow pillows'.  And, of course, paths connecting those snow beds with the other various attractions built up in the yard.
We attempted a snow man.  While the snow appeared perfectly weighted and sticky, the balls just didn't build up - crumbling in our hands instead of packing.  So we made a small snow man.  With the fabulous juxtaposition of eyes made out of shells from our beach vacation in Florida.
The Dad was worried that, moving here from Minnesota, the kids would miss out on 'real' winter and the snow play that he loves.  No worries, Dad...  No worries.


  1. Inoutinouinout...and puddles everywhere waiting for your warm dry socks : )

  2. Hey, just linked to your post on the Mt. Airy Patch (@MtAiryPatch) Twitter account. Loved it.