Inside Play

The weather here has been a little cruddy wavering between frozen and slushy.  Given that, on top of school's-out snow days and The Dad and I being felled by the flu, and there's been a lot more inside play here lately.

E has learned French Knitting (or Corking).  So have I.  I like it. And the idea that you can take these tubes and sew them into something.  But for us right now?  We just have tubes and grand visions of what they could become.  Any of suggestions of what we can really do with them?
For O, who it is a little harder to occupy these days, we have rediscovered the games cupboard.  As long as he has your undivided attention, he could sit forever playing games and doing puzzles.  Now just to get him to be a little bit more independent in occupying his time!  I would be a much happier (and productive) Mama.
Some activities take a little more attention.
And some are a little messier.  After seeing how the food coloring stained their skin (and my napkins!), I shudder at the thought of what if could do to their insides...

Word on the street is there may be another snow day for him and another 2-hour delay for her tomorrow.  Really?  The director of our nursery school said this morning "You'd think we live in Minnesota!"

Definitely not.  In Minnesota, they wouldn't keep canceling school school.

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  1. You got that right! We've had record snows and, this week, wind chills in the -20 range - still no school cancelations or delays for my kids (some rural districts close)! That's winter in MN for ya! MN misses you all!!!