It's A Crafty Advent - Day 20: The Christmas Eve Bags

Things have gotten a little too crafty around here lately.  I had a couple last minute custom orders on top of everything else and have been spending what little free time I've had lately in the studio.  So while I haven't been writing about what I've been making, I've actually been making a lot!

And yet there's so much that could me done!  I told The Dad this morning what else I wanted to make/do and his response was "I think you and I have different meanings for "A Simple Christmas".

But really, we are trying (and I think succeeding) at keeping things pretty low key this year.

One of the things I had on my list to do (and one of the things The Dad scoffed at) was some Christmas gift bags to take the place of all the wrapping paper.  While more work right now (though really not that much more), I hope that they will be reused for years to come.  Especially these first bigger ones.

We have a tradition, brought to our family by my family of origin, of giving pajamas and books on Christmas Eve.  Open one Christmas Eve Present, put on the new PJs, and curl up in bed with some good books.  These bags in the picture each contain new jammies and about half a dozen new books.  I kind of want to fill a bag for myself, too!

Oh how I could shop for books forever.  My Christmas shopping has been done for weeks (really, we are keeping it simple this year) but I just can't stop finding books.  They're important, though.  And I'm so particular about which ones I buy.  But I love finding great ones that just grab me.  Like the Sound of Music Pop Up book I didn't even know existed!  Oh my.


  1. That Pop Up book looks awesome! Maia and Ellie LOVE Sound of Music. Thanks for the recommendation. Miss seeing you at Circus - have a MErry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    I bought tons of the fabric bags last year - we now do no wrapping, except for the one "special" Santa gift. Love it!!! And - we do pjs and books on Christmas Eve as well...great minds!

    See you next year! :-)

  3. I made fabric bags for Christmas years ago. The one for the dollhouse stayed in use as laundry bag for years. Glad to hear the tradition continues.