It's A Crafty Advent - Day 4: In the Studio

When the kids started school in September, I really thought I had my chance to get sewing and get my little business off the ground.  O would be in school 3 mornings - giving me one to co-op (he goes to a cooperative nursery school where I co-op 3 mornings per month), one to volunteer at E's school for a little bit and get work done around the house, and one to sew.  Even 3 hours for studio time would be better than what I had.

I was wrong.  The three mornings a week somehow only gave me an hour every once in a while in the studio.

So, today O is starting a fourth day at school and staying all day.  Which means 9-3.  And I am looking at/hoping for 5 solid hours in the studio.

Unfortunately those 5 hours begin with digging my work table out from under this.

I'll see you on the other side!

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