It's A Crafty Advent - Day 5: The Auction Dress That Wasn't

So I got the studio picked up.  And spend the rest of the morning making a dress for our nursery school's Winter Auction.  I actually finished the dress in one sitting and photographed it in hopes of listing it as a custom item in my shop.  I took pictures of the front.  I flipped it over to take pictures of the back...  And found a couple spots/fabric flaws I had missed when I ironed the fabric before I started!

So, no longer a viable donation, I switched gears and finished this up for the auction instead - one of those moments where it is good to have a couple projects sitting around half-done.

But really, while it was frustrating at the time, I'm more excited and motivated that I managed to finish two pieces today!  On top of a little straightening up/de-cluttering of my workspace.  I call that a success...

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  1. Have you read the "Bruno" series of kids' books? There's Bruno the Tailor, Bruno the Baker and Bruno the Carpenter. They are from Sweden I think. Bruno is an adorable beaver whose home is cluttered but cozy. Your entry reminds me of Bruno the Tailor. They are by Lars Klinting. I think E and O would fall for him.