Two More Days

Two more days.

Two more days that have all of the sudden snuck up on me.  Days in which I want to just hold them on my lap a little longer.  Days I want to cram just one more thing into.  But also days in which I mentally add just one more thing onto the list of "Things I will do once they are in school."

Things like:
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • And the cupboards
  • Finally donate all those boxes and bags to the local thrift shop
  • Get back in the studio and get some new dresses made to fill a consignment order and re-open my shop.
  • Finish all the cleaning and last minute home improvement things from the "List of things to do before Wendy's wedding" (which is really the "List of things to do before we have 100 people over to our house for breakfast")
  • Make and stock the bags to keep the kids occupied (in the front row!) during the less interesting pieces of that wedding.
  • Make the ring bearer pillow!
  • Sit quietly by myself in a coffee shop, checking things off my list that have been done...
Okay, the more I type that list, the more I realize I need to do.

But really?  I just want to relish the next two days, the first time getting both my kids ready for school.  And by present for this huge transition (as much a rite of passage for me as for them) that is about to occur.

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