Right Now I'm Loving...

...That E is as comfortable dressing up in armor as she is in princess gowns and tutus.  And having lots of dress up accessories that become all kinds of different things in their play.
...Being totally sucked into and absorbed by a book.  It's been a long time since I couldn't put something down.
...This coat.  It's been in my cart for weeks and I just found out it's 20% off.  With free shipping.  My finger is just itching to click on "checkout".
...That O says "my own self" instead of "myself".  And that he is just so excited and proud to be starting nursery school.
All is good.  I just need a little more sleep...
At the dinner table yesterday I looked at The Dad and said "I just don't know why I'm so tired."  E piped in "Maybe you're going to have another baby."
"We are not having another baby", The Dad and I said in unison.
"I'd really like to have a new baby boy", said O.  "And name him Tommy."
"Or a baby girl," said E.  "And name her Tomanika.  Or Sarah."
Oh my, never a dull moment.


  1. Love this coat...I have the catalog with the page turned down sitting on my desk. It is on sale? So tempting!

  2. Sadly, the sale is over. And I waited too long... They've got to have another one, right? Hopefully it'll still be there!

  3. Hi, I just wandered over from a comment on Salt and Chocolate. I expected to lurk but ended up recognizing a familiar set of knight's armor and thought I'd say hello. Hello!