30 Days of Summer :: Day 27 :: Signs of Fall

The air has begun to cool here.  It may be temporary, but I am really enjoying it.
With the chill in the air, we have also welcomed:
  • The reappearance of long pants
  • Hot Chocolate (Just once, yesterday at the diner.  For the kids.  With whipped cream!)
  • Oatmeal for dinner (yes, tonight, so easy!)
  • Pajamas and blankets at bedtime
It's really coming, isn't it?
In a way I hope we get one more short hot spell - just a day?  We had the last two of our three new ceiling fans installed today and would really like to use them. 
I know, silly...  But really?  We spent all summer looking forward to them, saying "Oh I can't wait until the fans are installed.  Then it will be so much cooler in here!"

Oh, the irony.

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