The First Day of School

So today they both started school.  And for the first time in five years I dropped them off and came home.  Alone.

And it wasn't as freeing as I thought it would be.

E cried when I left her at school.  And I worried about her.  O loved it and wants to stay longer tomorrow.  But today I picked him up at noon, on the playground I picked her up on all last year, and I felt like something was missing.

I wish I could say that when I picked her up at 3 she was excited and enamored with the idea of Kindergarten, but this one's going to take a little convincing...

I did however get a couple things done this morning - including the ring bearer pillow O will carry in the wedding this weekend.  If the weather tomorrow is as nice as it is today, I'll get some pictures.
**Something's still a little bit wonky with my text formatting.  I'm trying to figure it out...**

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