A Glimpse of the Future

I have seen the future. And it is bittersweet.

This week, E and O are attending Little Princess and Pirate Camp. At a dance school in town. I registered them early, before I signed on to co-run the camp at their nursery school. And I had so been looking forward to a week of free mornings. Instead, I got two days. Yesterday and Today, while The Dad is traveling for business.

I dropped them off at 9 and pick them up at 1. I've (mostly) stayed off the computer. I've finally really cleaned the kitchen. I've done some work on the rest of the house. If I want to be disgustingly honest, I even finally washed the play food that has been sitting in a bin in the basement since O threw up on it over a year ago. I've also read. And run errands. And sat in a coffee shop. It's been a productive couple of mornings.

And I am finally feeling ready to go back into the studio. I have an order from a new gallery that will begin carrying my dresses and skirts. And a couple things I want to make for the kids and for myself. So, hopefully, the upcoming holiday weekend will be even more productive as I continue to cull through the house clutter and start sewing again.

Thanks so much for checking in.

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