Mama Camp

Summer vacation has officially begun around here.  Ollie jumped right into a week of camp yesterday, so Ella and I are having a little bit of Mama Camp this week.  I forget how rarely now we just have regular one-on-one time and  how important it is.  He's only in camp from 9-1, but that gives the girl and I a solid couple hours.

Today we attempted to pick one more batch of organic strawberries this morning at Maple Acres but they were pretty much gone.  We did pick some yummy fresh snap peas, though.

And while paying at the farmstand, Ella saw buckets of Zinnias and begged oohed and ahhed for flowers.  You can pick your own there or buy 5 for $1.50.  The buckets Ella eyed were 'Yesterday's Zinnia's' and were $10 per bucket.  Hmmm...  Yes, we came home with a bucket's worth.  Inspiring me to think about finding another vase or two this summer to keep on hand.

I told her they were older flowers and wouldn't last very long.  She said "They don't have to last long.  I just want to look at them for a little while."  There's a lesson there, I think.

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  1. So much fun! I love seeing the zinnias in big bunches. I was hoping to grow some here, but a pesky chipmunk ate all the seedlings! I see his little hole by the bed...he's just cute enough to get away with it