It Is What It Is

Ollie has his last full day of Pre-School today.  Ella will be finished with first grade on Friday.  I stop, turn around, and ask myself where the time has gone.  Not just the last three months, but the year.  The days (most of them) have gone slowly but the school year has flown.

Last night, at our nursery school's last board meeting of the year, I passed on the duty of Board Chair to another parent.  After two years.  Two years full of a responsibility that at once fulfilled me and drove me mad.  Now I have summer vacation approaching - with no responsibilities except for my family and my house home.  That sounds a bit archaic, but I am really looking forward to it.

Eieio has been a bit on hold.  I did so well at the Germantown Friends School Craft Show that I ended up pulling out of the Art Star Craft Bazaar.  I saw how much inventory would need to be created in a short 8 weeks (otherwise occupied with two kid birthdays and two Spring Breaks) and chose sanity and family over the show.  While I missed it, I know I made the right decision.

I have also learned over the last couple years that not much sewing happens over the summer.  I am able to steal a bit of studio time here and there, but nothing I can count on.  Right now, I'd like to use that little bit of time for us.  There are so many things I want to make for the kids that keep being put off.

Both kids will be in school full time in September.  The same school, one school, one schedule that I am so excited about.  Then, I will open back up for business, committed to regular studio hours and finally moving forward...  I may also take a class or two.  The Dad wonders how long it will take before I am looking for something to do.

Right now, there is lots to do.  We have half prepped our bedroom for painting.  As we've been talking for three years now about going through the house room by room.  Our room will be first.  Soon.  I promise.

It's exciting, I think, our life right now.  It is not nearly as perfect as I would like it to be but we are so, so lucky and I am incredibly grateful.  And there is so much potential.  Right in this moment...

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  1. Hey! Good to hear from you again! Have a fun family summer and enjoy every minute of it! And get to MN soon!! -jen