Green Smoothies

We've been on a bit of a smoothie kick around here.  

Our 'green' smoothies usually look more brown than green.  Poop colored sometimes, actually.  I tend to go heavier on the berries and a bit lighter on the greens since that seems to get the kids more interested.  We have, though, experimented with chard, kale, and spinach so far.  And amazingly, the kids have loved (most of) them.  Usually with a banana, a bunch of frozen strawberries, and some almonds or ground flax seed.
Today I was feeling a little anemic and remembered that to best absorb iron from these leafy greens you are supposed to add a little citrus.  This beautiful green came from a mix of a banana, an orange (peeled and dumped right in whole), about a third of a bag of spinach, and enough almond milk and water to blend it up nice and smooth.

I have to say I was incredibly surprised at how great it tasted!  The Dad declared it one of the best so far.  The kids drank it even though it obviously had 'leaves' in it.  I was scared to go so green - I don't like my smoothie tasting like salad - but am now looking forward to another one tomorrow for breakfast.

Just a little something going on around here right now...

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