An Office Chair for O

I took O to Ikea yesterday after school. Which can be a bit painful if I actually want to browse. But this time I just needed coat hangers. And a couple vases for a booth display idea I had.  Which meant we really just needed to visit the Children's section and then head out.

In the middle of the Children's section (literally - sitting in the middle of an aisle) sat a child-sized office chair.  Oh, the exclamations of excitement.  "It's just like Dad's!"  It swiveled.  It had a lever that made it go up and down.  It fit him perfectly.  And it had a big sticker on it that said it was from the As Is section and was previously a floor model/display and was marked down.

As he sat and swiveled, a salesperson came over.  She had never seen one before.  She didn't know they carried those.  She looked like she was going to take it if I told O no.

I don't very often buy the kids things just because they ask for them.  But really, this was just cool.  And less than $14 dollars.  And actually useful.  I put it in the cart.  Ollie sat on it.  In the cart.  For the rest of the shopping trip.

We were stopped again by another staff person on our way out.  Where did we find it?  A child size office chair?  They'd never seen it before either.

So I checked online when I got home.  And found this.  It turns out it is not actually 'child-size', though it fits perfectly and is just right for his art table, and can be found with all the other office chairs.  It is noted on the Ikea website to be 'appropriate for children'.  For O, it is perfect. Score.

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