Coming Up For Air

The Germantown Friends School Craft Show was fabulous.
So fabulous that I didn't have much left at the end.  
So fabulous that it has taken me a week to recover - The Dad came and helped out for a little bit at lunchtime and laughed at me afterwards - "I think you are a closet extrovert!"  I am SO not.  I love meeting people at the shows, though.  I could talk about fabric and the things I make, who people are and where they come from, forever.  But I will admit, it is exhausting.
But it is also always a reminder of what a small world it is, too.  It's neat to meet people who own one my dresses already.  There are enough of them around that it happens at every local show, now.  Some have bought directly from me, some have bought in a local shop, and some have received as gifts.  I love it.
This show had even a bigger 'small world' oddity - It turned out that the woman doing publicity for the show is an old friend and neighbor of Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S (who I love and have done a couple workshops with) and that her daughters are in Liesl's book (which have finished my first project from - pictures tomorrow!) - so we marvelled about that through e-mail beforehand.  But then she brought her husband over to meet me at the preview party and we started talking.  Turns out we grew up in the same area of Minneapolis and went to the same elementary school!  A rare find here in Philadelphia...
So I really do love these weekends.  Even if they take me a week to recover from!

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