Flea Market Find

In another life, or maybe in another year, I would love to frequent some local (or at least not too far away) flea market.  Regularly.  Even every weekend.  With coffee in hand.

This past weekend, on a very short trip to my parents', I joined them at their local flea market.  The one they frequent every Sunday.

And I found this.
This funky 1950s chrome child's rocker.
It spoke to me.
And I brought it home.


  1. meginphilly - At $30, I probably paid too much. It's great though - and in addition to looking kind of cool and funky, it is incredibly sturdy. The kids have used it as all kinds of things (in addition to a rocking chair) and I haven't once had to tell them to be gentle with it. Really, that alone may be worth the money!