The Nature Table Revisited

Our nature table is pretty full these days, though not at all as I expected it to be.  I don't know why I thought it might look like this.  Or this.  Ours is definitely more reflective if my children's personalities.  The table is scattered with leaves, pinecones, acorns, and cicada shells (with a couple dead cicada among them) from outside.  Intermingling with some berry containers from the farmers market, two 'toad abodes' E made at her sleepover at the zoo, and a random slinky.

While not how I pictured it, the kids have taken ownership and are using it as I had hoped.  As in, "Look at this leaf!  I want to put it on the nature table!"  Located on a radiator cover on our enclosed porch, it also serves as a nice transitional space from outside to in.  "That can't come inside...  but you can put it on the nature table!"

It's all about the process, right?

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