Waiting for the Storm

We still have power while we wait for the brunt of Hurricane Sandy to hit.

For a moment, when I awoke this morning, I thought that the hurricane had passed us by...  that it was over.  The news, though, says otherwise.  So we have spent the day in a state of anticipation.  Waiting for this hurricane that is supposed to hit land tonight yet has already disabled our city.

The kids are out of school for what feels like indefinitely.  Unless, for some reason, the power outages and flooding don't happen, they will return Thursday at the earliest.

So we sit here in our house.  Waiting for the lights to go out.  Praying that our trees stay standing and our basement stays dry.  And that all those in more treacherous locations stay safe.

Our makeshift attempt to divert water away from our outside basement stairwell.
And we can't DO anything.  We can bake.  We can raise up our chest freezer in our basement, roll up the rug and place it on sawhorses, get things like mats and toys up off the floor and onto tables.  We keep the kids occupied and don't put on the news.  They get to watch movies and take over my studio - sewing baby sheep and doll clothes.  They eat pie for breakfast and brownies at 430.

We fill pitchers of water and stock the fridge with homemade pizza and apple crisp.

And wait...


  1. Thinking of you and your family, hoping all goes well. We are in the path but so far just rain and a little wind. Still have power. Glad you got back to the blog. Aunt Enid

  2. Hang in there! We are praying for the best. Post an update when you can!