Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

 I've taken a small break  from eieio sewing to do a little sewing of our own around here.  First up, the Reversible Bucket Hat from Liesl Gibson's Little Things to Sew.

My kids live in these hats in the summer time.  They started wearing these as infants - best baby sunhat ever - and moved into these last summer.  I am so excited to make my own with fun prints.
For this first one, O picked out his own fabrics.  He calls it his 'Night and Day' Hat - the white side for daytime and the black side for nighttime.  A boy of his own mind, he is...
It was actually pretty fun to make.  I'm always amazed at Liesl's little techniques for simple, quality construction.  The top of the black side of the hat is actually hand sewn on to finish it.  Can you tell?  I can't either!  I'm so proud...

Really, I cringe sometimes when I read that I need to hand-finish something -  but the more I do it, the easier it gets.  And this time?  Sunday night?  I thought "Woohoo!  Handsewing means I can actually watch TV at the same time!"  Yeah, my life is that exciting.

E's is up next - purple glittery flower fairies on one side and a new Amy Butler Soul Blossoms print on the other.  I want to make three for each of them.  Seriously, they live in them - and one inevitably gets lost at some point over the summer.  Summer is coming, right? 


  1. Did you have a hard time matching up the crown to the side panels? I have tried four times to sew them together and I always end up with too much fabric. I clipped into the seam allowances on the side panels like the directions stated...
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Your hats look great!!

  2. Hmmm... I'm making another one soon and will check to see exactly how I did it. I know I did a lot of clipping and a bit of stretching on the bias while I pinned - lots of pins done in sections, so the stretching didn't warp the alignment.