Welcome to Teaparties and Playdates

A long time ago I started a 'website'. We lived half-way across the country from most of our family and friends and had our first child in 2004. I posted picture after picture of our smiling baby and such interesting facts as "E loves Sweet Potatoes".

Then, our second was born in 2006 and I took a break. Until he turned one. Then I discovered blogger, got sucked in, and had a lot of fun posting on a semi-regular basis.

Then we moved half-way across the country again, back close to where we had begun and I discovered the whole world out there of 'crafty mama' blogging... and I tried to emulate while balancing my husband's concern for privacy (and protection) with his summation of "who really reads that, anyway?"

So I took a break again.

So now I'm back. With what will be a more public blog (read: searchable and with limited personal information) and I'm asking myself Why? What For?

So, for now, this website is for:
  • friends and family wanting to know how the kids are growing, changing, and surviving
  • folks just discovering eieio and wanting to know a little bit more about who's behind it and where it comes from
  • sharing fun finds
  • documenting the renovation of and (very) slow settling into our 100-year-old house (we finally framed some photos last night after over a year here!)
  • sharing the process of creating a (very) small business from home
  • achieving some level of autonomy in a world that at times really seems to be run by my two pre-schoolers.

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