Why Teaparties and Playdates?

Over the last couple months, I've done some brainstorming about my little line of clothing - What makes it different? How do I describe it? I came up with this:

For coffee shops and street fairs. For teaparties and playdates. As playful and unique as the children who wear it: eieio.

When choosing fabrics and designs for the clothing, I am very aware of wanting to dress my children as children. As much as my husband jokes that I like to dress my son like the guys I had crushes on in college (think casual button downs and baseball hats), when I look for fabric I look for fun, playful, and sturdy. Skirts need to twirl. Dresses must be easy to put on and take off. Practical, fun, playful, unique. Fresh, simple, fancy. Dressy enough for a tea party. Basic enough for a playdate. Lots of fun to dream up and create.

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